Lunch Menu

Free Breakfast for ALL students!

We are pleased to announce that Johnson County School System is implementing an option available to select schools in Tennessee that participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.  It is called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and it began in school year 2014 – 2015.

Please note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly view the menu. If you do not currently use the Acrobat reader, you can download it from here!

If you do not see the Lunch Menu for the current month, please send e-mail to Kathy Mcculloch and request that it be posted to the web.

Also note: Managers may have to change the menus at individual schools due to snow days and scheduled food deliveries.

New meal pattern for National School Lunch & Breakfast 


K-6 Menus 7-12 Menus
August 2016 August 2016
September 2016 September 2016
October 2016 October 2016
November 2016 November 2016
December 2016 December 2016
January 2017 January 2017
February 2017 February 2017
March 2017 March 2017
April 2017 April 2017
May 2017 May 2017







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