Special Education

Special Education Department

Paula Norton, Supervisor
Ruth Ann Osborne, Administrative Assistant

Johnson County School System is committed to providing special education services and related services in the least restrictive environment for all children in our district between the ages of three and twenty-one who have disabilities which impact learning.

Prior to referral for special education evaluation, we employ a variety of strategies to meet the unique educational needs of all students. The new statewide Response to Instruction and Intervention Initiative is being implemented in grades K-12. Students who are identified during Universal Screening will receive specific and intensive interventions based on their skill needs in reading and math. If a student does not make sufficient progress after receiving the third tier of intervention, the Student Support Team, which includes the child’s parents, will meet to review data and work samples to determine if a special education evaluation is appropriate.

A special education referral can be made at any time during the tiered intervention process if there is evidence to support that a student might have a handicap other than Specific Learning Disabilities such as an emotional disturbance, intellectual disability or a sensory loss in vision or hearing. If a parent referral is made, an evaluation is completed.

When children are found eligible for special services, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by an IEP team, which includes the child’s parents, specifying the services to be provided. A specialized staff implements the education plans. All special education staff employed by Johnson County Schools meet or exceed the federal Highly Qualified requirements.

We start with the premise that the general education classroom is the first consideration for all students. Programs and services range on a continuum from general education inclusion with consultative support, general education inclusion with special education staff support, pull-out resource services by special education staff, special high school courses taught by special education teachers, Comprehensive Development Classrooms (CDC), and any combinations of these to appropriately meet the needs of a student.

For more information, contact Paula Norton at 727-2640 or pnorton@jocoed.net