Monthly Archives: July 2016

MCE and RCE Website Addresses Have Changed

Recently, the web site for Mountain City Elementary school has been updated and the web address for them has changed to A lot of people are being re-directed to the District Website when they use the old URL, so please make sure that your bookmarks have been updated and you use this new address in the future to get the latest information from MCE.

Also, The Roan Creek web site was updated a couple months ago and the correct address for it is now The older K12tn address no longer work, so once again make sure that you have the new address bookmarked for future reference.


New Bus Routes and Redistricting in Johnson County

The following press release was issued concerning the new bus routes and redistricting in Johnson County.

State Statutory Rights of Parents and Students

We have posted a link to the State Statutory Rights of Parents and Students for anyone who might need it for reference. You can find it permanently under our LINKS page, of can simply click on the link below to access it.